Product & Bespoke Applications

Aside from the typical applications of applying a treatment to a wall, ceiling or hanging a screen, there are many more ways that acoustic treatment can be introduced to the built environment.

In particular, our Alto product is an extremely flexible substrate and, due to it’s tackable nature, it can be used as a pinboard. Alto can also be fabricated in to artwork and other products or simply used to frame or clad other products including signage or furniture.

Why don’t you think of a way to use Alto or another acoustic solution it in your next scheme and let our design team and our free sample service help you to realise your idea into reality.

Request a sample for your project

Artworks Solutions can provide you with a free sample of our Acoustics Solutions. Contact us to discuss your idea and allow us to create you a production sample. Call 01179 666331 or complete this form to begin consultation.