Sound reverberation and noise transfer are increasingly prominent issues in the built environment, as more hard surfaces such as glass and wood are introduced into commercial offices.

With the wider trend towards open plan, collaborative working spaces, it’s increasingly important to provide the right type of acoustic environment.

ALTO Acoustic Panels offer an effective solution, enabling companies to combine a modern working environment with excellent sound performance. By soaking up excessive levels of sound both from within the building and outside, ALTO Acoustic Panels help staff to work productively and efficiently, without having to deal with disruption from background noise.

ALTO Acoustic Panels are manufactured from 100% polyester through an eco-friendly needle- punching process. No chemicals are used during the manufacturing process and no waste by-products are generated, while ALTO is also fully recyclable at the end of its life.

ALTO panels are also easy to cut and use, with their consistency in colour meaning there is no need for edge treatment or fabric wrapping. All in all, Alto panels are ideally suited to design and build projects, whatever the specifications.


Acoustics Solutions Alto Brochure